Car/Auto Key Clone King

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Key Clone King is a kind of key maker and key copier; you do key programming work without PC computer. This 4d key clone king can copy 4D-60, 67 and 68 for Toyotaand Lexus onto electronic key directly without cryptogram.

Car/Auto Key Clone King

Clone King With Toyota Fiat Description:

1.The main engine can distinguish the 4D transponder more than 10 kinds of formats like 60-68-XX and etc.Secondly It can distinguish 8E and 8C Transponder.Thirdly,can distinguish ID 48 Crypto transponder for (VW ID 48, Audi ID 48, Seat ID 48 and Skoda ID 48). Finally , it also can be connected with Laptop computer or Desktop computer to read and program the transponders of many cars.
2.Can copy 4D-ID11- ID13-ID33 -4C-T5 transponder quickly. As well as Jetta, Red Banner ID42 transponder keys.
3.Can program Fiat transponder support the modles such as Palio Weekend which with encrypt ID48 transponders. (With the function of Zhonghua JInbei ID13 transponder. Supporting all keys are lost and write master and vice keys directly.
4.Support all the models of Toyota with 4D-4C transponders. Write directly into 4D-4C transponder keys with the data of anti-theft box. Buit-in kinds of Toyota initialize data.

This item can identify chip code and type exactly for:

1. 4D-(60-68-XX )
2. ID60 (General Type)
3. ID 61, ID 62 (Mitsubishi)
4. ID 63 (Ford)
5. ID 64 (Renault, Chrysler)
6. ID 65, ID 66 (Suzuki)
7. ID 67, ID 68 (Toyota / Lexus)
8. XX (New model cars or General Models). Even new ID48 on VAG with CAN BUS system can be idenfitified as A1, A2, A3 as well.

* It's available for copying transponders rapidly: 11, 13, 33, T5, 4C, 4D (programming into electronic keys)Jetta(ID 42).

The lastest Version is V3.32 for identifying 8E, 8C

Furthermore with multipurpose Key Maker Adaptor
You can do more functions on key programming without any PC computer.
Such as copying 4D-60,67 and 68 for Toyota and Lexus onto electronic
keys directly without cryptogram.

Packing List:

1. FIAT for ID48 with 93C66
2. Toyota for 4C 4D key maker
3. Copying 4D Crypto for Toyota & Lexus
4. Mazda for M2,M3,M5,M6 key maker
5. BMW with EWS and CAS , onto PCF7935 & 7936 only

6. Honda Bike key maker

7. Yamaha key maker

8. Suzuki key maker


Once having new upgrade , you are able to update your unit with loader program.


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