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X431 HD Module is kind of Launch X431 HD adapter which use for heavy duty trucks. X-431 HD Module can communicate with Launch X431 V+/X431 Pro and Launch X431 PAD II. X431 HD supported online update and multi-languages. Launch X431 Heavy Duty Module supports both 12v and 24v. Launch X431 Heavy Duty adapter comes with 36 software. It supports nearly 60 car models.

Launch X431 HD Module X431 Heavy Duty Adapter Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool for X431 V+/X431 Pro3/X431 PAD II

Please Note:
1,Now the heavy-duty bluetooth module support X431 V+ / X431 Pro3 and X431 PAD II only, it will support more X431 series product in the future.

2,The heavy-duty kits include hardware and software.

LAUNCH heavy-duty truck module is a new generation heavy-duty truck fault diagnostic tool developed by Launch Tech regarding internet application on the basis of Android OS. It.communicates with LAUNCH X-431 V+,X-431 PRO3,X-431 PAD II,It communicates with mobile intelligent terminals through Bluetooth to achieve fault diagnosis for various car models and full systems. Advantages include wide car model coverage, powerful test function, more special functions and accurate test data, etc. Besides all the diagnostic functions of former X-431 3G, it combines the application advantages of mobile internet. Maintenance technicians can check data at any time, and install all kinds of internet App, which bring greater convenience to them.

Launch X431 Heavy Duty Adapter Excellent Features:

1.Wireless Bluetooth Diagnosis:
Host machine and diagnostic connector adopt Bluetooth connection, making diagnosis more convenient.

2.Support various car models:
At present, 60 brands home and abroad are supported. Moreover, the software is being continuously developed.

3.Industrial shockproof design:
Industrial shockproof design is perfect for the working environment in repair shops.

4.Various configurations are available for selection:
Suppose you are going to purchase heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool, you can choose X-431 PRO3 or X-431 PAD II as host machine. If you have already bought X-431 PRO3 or X-431 PAD II diesel configuration, now you want to test truck, just buy a heavy-duty truck module. 

Launch X431 Heavy Duty Adapter Features:

1.Full comprehensive diagnostic software functions
2.Wide diagnostic software coverage
3.Accurate test data
4.Software based on Android, matching with more diagnostic hosts
5.Release new software version timely to let customers enjoy latest service.
6.Able to test truck with 12V or 24V battery diesel engine. When testing 24V truck, battery conversion is not required.
7.Diagnostic hardware is designed according to international standard, compatible with diagnostic interfaces of worldwide models.

Launch X431 Heavy Duty Adapter Supported Truck Brands:

1.Europe Trucks:


2.USA Trucks:

3.Asia Trucks:
HINO,FUSO,ISUZU,UD,HYUNDAI,Chinese Heavy Duty Trucks

Launch X431 Heavy Duty Adapter Technical Data:

Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 80 °C
Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 80%
Working Voltage: 9-36V
Product Size: 178 x 115 x 50.5 mm
Product Weight: 487g
Communication: USB, Bluetooth, Serial Port
Standby Power Consumption: 1.44W

Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Software Listing:

1pc x Heavy-duty bluetooth module
1pc x Demo V14.73
1pc x JMC V12.35
1pc x ASTRA V10.42
1pc x BREMACH V10.06
1pc x DAF V11.21
1pc x ERF V10.05
1pc x for FUSO V16.02
1pc x for MACK V10.32
1pc x for MAN V14.71
1pc x for SCANIA V13.51
1pc x WP Diesel Car V10.40
1pc x X431 Diesel Car V1010
1pc x X431,CREDO Heavy Duty V10.20
1pc x X431,IRISBUS Heavy Duty V10.02
1pc x X431,IRIZAR Heavy Duty V10.02
1pc x X431,NEOPLAN Heavy Duty V10.04
1pc x X431,SETRA Heavy Duty V11.00
1pc x X431,SITCAR Heavy Duty V10.05
1pc x X431,UD Truck 2F JP diesel V10.40
1pc x X431, BONLUCK BUS V10.05
1pc x X-431,DongFeng YUFeng V10.03
1pc x X431, for Renault Truck V11.30
1pc x X431, for SUNLONG BUS V10.10
1pc x X431, for SUNWIN BUS V10.01
1pc x X431,ZHONGTONG BUS V10.01
1pc x for Merce.des Ben.z Heavy Duty V16.30
1pc x for FOTON AUMAN V13.40
1pc x for Volvo Heavy Duty V14.83
1pc x for Cummins Engine V14.41
1pc x for Hino Motors V16.50
1pc x for Isuzu Heavy Duty V14.10
1pc x for Hyundai Heav Duty V11.06
1pc x for IVECO Heavy Duty V18.87
1pc x China Heavy Duty V11.21
1pc x Heavy Duty Standard Diagnostic V11.11

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