Xprog-m V5.3 with dongle

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Xporg-m V5.3 with dongle is a kind og ecu programmer with full set modules.

Xprog-m V5.3 with dongle

Xprog-M Programmer Plus V5.3 Never Locked with USB Dongle.

This item support microchips freescale MAC, INFINEON, RENESAS.

Language: English, Chinese

Support system:Windows XP English( Support Virtual Manufacturing )


Before connect the USB dongle to PC and run software, please disable the antivirus and firewall (or uninstall the antivirus software); once the software is deleted or corrupted by mistake, we could not supply back up software!


The XPROG-m supports in-circuit andon-board programming of Motorola 68HC05, 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC(S)12family MCU's, Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family MCU's and serial EEPROM's .


1. History Supreme programmer, most versatile, supporting most devices programming instrument!

2. Real online reading and writing Motorola 912, 9S12 encryption chip and CDC series of encryption chip.

3. Reads and writes the new Nissan Teana BCM Anti-theft data without remove.

4. By k-line reading the BMW EWS anti-theft computer data.

5. All software features full opening.

6. Multi-function equipment:
Supports most of the CPU to read and write without remove, BMW EWS3 (0D46J/2D47J) socket read and write, and read and write ordinary IC.

7. Support Motorola 68HC05,68HC08,68HC11,HC912,MC9S12,MC9S12X,TMS370,K cable interface, the MPC5xx,ST10Fxx,CDC series, ATmega family MCU and all series EEPROM programming.

8. All COM port and USB port support!

V5.3 New Added Chip:

68 HC908:

XC68HC708AZ60 (8 H62A)

0 L72A

3 K56G

0 L07H

0 L59XZ, reading and writing, support network security box down from the reading and writing

Siemens IMMO new 0 L72A E security box down from reading and writing

MingRui SRS computer 1 L02M literacy and the wiring diagram

1 J35D (68 HC908AZ60) EEPROM of reading and writing

9 S12:

9 S12KG128 reading, writing

9 S12KG128 encryption, reading, writing

9 S12X:

9 S12XDA/B/G 128 EEPROM + FLASH, reading, writing

9 S12XDA/B/G 128 EEPROM + FLASH encryption, reading, writing

9 S12XDT/P384 EEPROM + FLASH, reading, writing

9 S12XDT/P384 EEPROM + FLASH encryption, reading, writing

9 S12XHZ256, 9 S12XHZ384 EEPROM + FLASH, reading, writing

9 S12XHZ256, 9 S12XHZ384 EEPROM + FLASH reading and writing, reading, writing

9 S12XHZ512 EEPROM + FLASH reading and writing (support fox instrument replacement CPU)

9 S12XHZ512 encryption EEPROM + FLASH reading and writing (support high 6 way view instrument)

2011 new sound of S12XEG384 BCU 9 (3 M25J) EEPROM read, the wiring diagram


Some TMS370 374

Add the following meter:

2006 TuAn

2009-2010 step into soar team champion edition

2010 1.4 TSI step into soar team


Add some meter hookup

BOSCH engine computer MPC wiring definition

"Software authorization" licenses :

All supported devices are divided into "Software Authorization" licenses. You can obtain authorization license only for these devices you are interested in.

1 Motorola HC05 MCU's family authorization.
2 Motorola HC08 MCU's family authorization.
3 Motorola HC11 MCU's family authorization.
4 Motorola HC(S)12 MCU's family authorization.
5 Motorola HC05B/X family "Expert Option" authorization (bypass the security bit for reading).
6 SGS-Thomson M35080 EEPROM "Expert option" authorization (can erase full device)
7 Texas Instruments TMS370 MCU's family authorization. Now supports TMS374 MCU !!!
8 BMW EWS3 module programming via diagnostic line authorization .
9 Functional features :
10 Fully compatible with all software versions of " Device Programmer Desktop"
11 Software update (ATMEGA) - directly from "Device Programmer Desktop"
12 Software version control mechanism
13 Self check for error handling
14 High speed RS232 communication interface, fully compatible with USB to RS232 adapter
15 Fully upward-compatible XPROG connector

Multi functional XPROG-m connector

Packing List:

1pc x XPROG-M machine

1pc x USB cable

1pc x USB dongle+CD software

1pc x 16PIN cable

1pc x EWS3 adaptor

1pc x EEPROM adaptor

1pc x QFP28 adaptor

1pc x QFP144 adaptor

1pc x QFP80 adaptor

1pc x QFP64 adaptor

1pc x QFP112 adaptor

1pc x HC05BX adaptor (PLC52 1-002-0004)

1pc x HC05BX adaptor (QFP64 1-002-0005)

1pc x MC68HC05V12 adaptor (1-002-0009)

1pc x HC(S)12 BDM adaptor (1-002-0017)

1pc x M35080 ICP adaptor (1-002-0006)

1pc x TMS374 adaptor (1-002-0010)

1pc x TMS374/uPD78 IC adaptor (1-002-0008)

1pc x TMS370 adaptor (PLCC28 1-002-0002)

1pc x HC11E9/EA9 adaptor (PLCC52 1-002-0011)

1pc x TMS370 adaptor (PLCC28 1-002-0001 / PLCC68 1-002-0003)

1pc x TMS370 adaptor (PLCC28 1-002-0001 / PLCC68 1-002-0003)


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